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Liepupe manor
Discover past traditions and
unforgettable impressions

There are people who, when they want to be heard by their audience, speak in a quiet voice. In just the same way, the quaint parish of Liepupe resembles this same rare character trait. As you approach, you feel like wide-open, friendly arms are heartily, expectantly inviting you in.


/Heinz Pirang, 1926/

The Liepupe manor house was built in 1751 and remains one of the most prominent pieces of baroque architectural heritage in Latvia. The estate includes 5 protected monuments of architectural and artistic heritage of state importance. With time, the Liepupe estate has survived the peaks of recognition and the troughs of cultural oblivion. In 2003, it was included in the list of the 100 most endangered heritage monuments. Today, the estate houses an exquisite hotel and restaurant and has recovered its antique beauty and pride, reflecting the attitude of the age. The Liepupe estate has become a place where archaic rural romanticism meets modern convenience and luxury. The restoration of the Liepupe estate has revived its former aura. Baroque two-leaved massive front doors, perhaps the oldest front doors of this kind in all of Latvia, have been refurbished; other works focused on the façade finish, the antique wooden flooring, decorated tile stoves, ceiling moulds, and a baroque wooden staircase that is hard to find elsewhere in Latvia.